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Criminal gangs costing Britain billions.

Hat tip to sarahmaidofalbion
A report on the BBC Website today reveals that "criminal gangs" are costing Britain £40 billion a year. The report does not say who these "criminal gangs" are, but goes on to state that many have connections with "failed states, such as Somalia". (I took a screen shot in case that line disappears)

Is it just me, or does it seem unlikely to you that indigenous gangs of white villains would have connections to Somalia, Afghanistan or any other of the world's failed states?

What the article is deliberately not saying is that "Gangs of criminal immigrants are costing the UK £40 million a year".

Given that, before this report was released, estimates of the cost of immigration ranged from £12 to £17 billion, this would appear to be taking the figure closer to £60 billion.

I defy anyone to demonstrate a benefit to that.

**I have added this part below, and first off I do wonder what former jailbird and share dealing ex-MP Keith Best has to say in answer to that? Keith runs the huge quango, the Immigration Advisory Service.
(I did a Google on his name)
Although this agency, quango call it what you will aside from providing a job for dubious ex-MP's also sucks £13 million quid of your tax money to promote immigrants and keep Keith in gin.

Never mind the credit crunch/recession, or Gordon bleating about "British jobs for British workers"; the reality it that HM Govt pays this agency to promote its multicultural pc agenda.

Some quotes from the share dealer Keith Best and look at the way he contradicts himself.
Keith Best the chief executive of the Immigration Advisory Service, said immigration quotas were not workable in a modern trading economy.
So he feels that any Abdul, Mo and Singh should be allowed to set up home here.
“The Government has closed off all avenues for lower-skilled workers coming from outside the EEA – and this already is creating a crisis of a shortage of labour to do some of the jobs that resident Britons are not prepared or cannot afford to do because they would lose benefits and could not resume them quickly after doing a short-term piece of work. Only Bulgarians and Romanians are allowed to work in agriculture and the consequent shortages could lead to a situation where, once again, fruit and vegetables are left to rot in the fields.
A great one above, he claims that UK nationals are lazy. So lets import more people to do the menial work. Rather than reform the benefits system. Then he follows it with this.
Migrants will not be attracted in any event to come to a country whose economy is in recession and with rising unemployment.
Well, yes they are as a life here on benefits is better than starving in the Islamic Rep. of Ragheadistan. Some more on Keith.

I shall leave you with the way Keith views UK nationals, how he in his pompous state funded non-job way sees them as better than us nasty native people who refuse to see the World though his rose tinted/gin sodden eyes.

"we are now turning immigrants into better citizens than people born with a British passport" - There you go, Ali the gun toting, drug dealing, wife beating jihadist according to Keith is better than you.

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