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Cyclops lies exposed. PM Cyclops has to admit that we are broke.

The PM's lies exposed as thanks to Gordonomics Labour have run out of other peoples cash to spend.

Despite Gordon Brown pledging to safeguard spending on schools and universities, government documents show that the total education budget will fall by £100 million after the next election.

Published without fanfare on the Treasury’s website , they show that, throughout government, spending will be cut next year, in real terms, by 0.7 per cent, or almost £3 billion.

McSnotty stated: “I’m confident that people can look to a Labour Government which has protected and advanced public services over the last 12 years to make sure our front-line public services, that is hospitals and schools and everything else, are protected.”

The Home Office, which helps pay for the police, will see its budget cut by 0.3 per cent. Health spending is to increase by 1.5 per cent.

The Treasury is receiving tens of billions of pounds less in taxes, while public debt is to more than double to £1.3 trillion in the next four years.

The Telegraph reports cuts in education, whilst the Grauniad points out cuts in arts.

I wonder if McSnotty still thinks encouraging a boom based on fantasy house prices, cheapo credit and sticking everything on PFI was a good idea?

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Jayce Kay said...

The fact that I've just finished playing BF2 for a few hours means I can easily imagine smashing a desert eagle through gorgon broons cum receptacle then pulling the trigger.

Whomever is picks up the gauntlet of putting the larger business of UK on a even keel is really going to have there work cut out for them.

I wonder if anyone is really up for the job. Time will soon tell, I guess.