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David Kern is a thick cunt.

For firing this cuntwaft off and not dying in shame.
The British Chambers of Commerce has called the bottom of the recession.
Ya dont fuckin say? Do please carry on...
David Kern, chief economist at the BCC, said: "The worst phase of the recession is over, but serious downward pressures persist across all sectors and regions. Recovery is now possible but it is not yet secure.

“Further corrective measures are still needed to support the economy. The marked improvement in confidence, albeit from exceptionally low levels, is welcome."

Kern said the benefits would only be maintained if short-term policy "stays expansionist" and "Quantitative easing should be pursued aggressively".
Right so a cunt, an one who no doubt wanks himself blind dreaming of taking one up the ring from Gordon Brown, thinks pissing away other folks cash away will help improve matters.

So no ideas on actual reform, savings and closing failing banks then Mr Kern, you cunt.

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