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Even the folk in Iceland hate Gordon Brown. They all think he is a pussa.

According to this.... Britain's application of anti-terrorism laws over failed banks has created lasting resentment in Iceland.

Iceland's new finance minister Steingrímur Sigfússon is not looking for a fight with Britain. But like every citizen of this rocky outpost, he thinks the British government's draconian sanctions against his country at the height of the financial crisis last year were grotesque and have made it much harder to clinch a deal to refund IceSave depositors in the UK.

"To apply anti-terrorist laws to freeze Icelandic assets is a long way beyond what is acceptable and it has left a lot of bad feelings," he told The Daily Telegraph. Almost nobody on this island nation can fathom what made Britain think it proportional to list Iceland's central bank alongside al-Qaeda as a terrorist organisation.

Indeed what a pussa is Gordon Brown.

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Barking Spider said...

We've been saying he's a pussa for years and now it's going international - the sign of a proper cunt!