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Evil New Labour Potentates on £800 a minute.

Right where the fuck are the fraud squad, the plod and other minions of the state to nick these grasping fucks.

Tory councillor Phil Briscoe believed the Labour authority had created extra roles for a group of 'cronies'.

He asked for a breakdown of how long each committee leader had led meetings in the last municipal year.

Labour councillor Salim Ullah managed just ten minutes with the appeals committee, which works out at £807 a minute.

Labour's Mohammed Shahid Ali spent 91 minutes on the general purposes committee, making £5,320 an hour or £88 a minute.

Councillor Briscoe said: 'It is hard to imagine any politician in Westminster could clock up allowances at such a rate.'

Councillor Ullah refused to comment but Councillor Ali said: 'The time spent actually in committee is a very small part of the work of a committee chair.'

The council said: 'Allowances for nearly all chairs are significantly below recommended amounts.'


As I have said before and will again and again and again, until the penny drops. New Labour is corrupt, evil to core, rotten and out for itself. The workers as far as they are concerned can basically fuck themselves.

The very causes that the original labour movements were set up over 100 years to promote, they now mock. They have more in common with the people the labour movement was set up to fight.

From the PM down to shiftless grasping bastards like these, the bottom line is the pound stolen from the taxpayers pockets.

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