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Fear & paranoia in New Labours 'Cool Britannia' - Pedophiles.

Joyless fear and paranoia. So lets ban all the parents from the sports day, in case one of them is a pedophile.
Schools bar parents from sports day... to keep out paedophiles

Parents have been banned from attending their children's sports day in an extraordinary measure to protect pupils from child abductors and paedophiles.

More than 270 pupils from four primary schools took part in the event - but there were no spectators because the organisers said they could not prevent 'unsavoury' characters from sneaking onto school grounds.

The decision to bar parents was made after a risk assessment concluded that Sandy Upper School in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, could not 'guarantee the children's safety' when it hosted the athletics day.
Naturally the righteous who came up with this shit have their reasons.
Paul Blunt of the East Bedfordshire School Sports Partnership, which ran the event, said the 'ultimate fear' was that a child could be abducted.

He said: 'If we let parents into the school they would have been free to roam the grounds. All unsupervised adults must be kept away from children.
So if we are to head down this road, then who watches the watchers in that case? Who checks on the teachers to ensure they are trustworthy.

Yet more New Labour style madness.

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