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Getting on with the job, not jumping on the cult of the celeb.

First up we had this:
Gordon Brown claims today that the country is turning away from a celebrity culture and insists his seriousness is in tune with a new spirit of the times. In an interview with the Guardian, ahead of the publication of his book on courage, the chancellor says he does not believe the public are in love with trivia, and would prefer proper debate on important issues.
Yet now he is PM, we have this: the PM meeting up for a spot of food and drinkies with Little Britain comedy duo Matt Lucas and David Walliams, comedian Jimmy Carr and veteran presenter Bruce Forsyth.

As well as Big Brother hostess Davina McCall, football commentator John Motson, and actors Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson and Greg Wise. Labour activist Derek Draper with his GMTV presenter wife Kate Garraway."

Plus Jimmy Carr, Fred Goodwin, Alan Rickman. Stephen Hester, also enjoyed hospitality at Chequers in the past year. And Lloyds TSB bosses Sir Victor Blank and Eric Daniels - who have come under fire for approving the bank's takeover of HBOS - also visited the PM's luxury residence.

Oh and lest we forget fellow Jock Lorraine Kelly

Remember folks as he says he is getting on with the job, British jobs for British workers, spending every waking moment resolving the credit crunch, blah blah blah blah....

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JP said...

I'm sorry? A book on courage? It's a bit like Fred Goodwin writing a book on charity, or Obama writing a book on the truth. The only admirable thing about Gordon is how he has managed to stay alive for so long without some normal minded person slipping a knife into his heart. It would serve him right for what he's done to this country.