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Gordon imports new New Labour voters.

The natives hate Gordon and Labour, not a problem for them they just import new voters.

Half of Britons believe lax immigration policies have had a dramatic impact on the quality of life in the United Kingdom, a new poll has revealed.

More than 70 per cent of people questioned said they also felt current immigration levels were too high and want a cut in the numbers of people entering Britain.

According to the YouGov poll, which questioned 2,000 people, more than four in ten of those surveyed said they felt their town and village would be better off with fewer people.

They also blamed overcrowding on infrastructure, such as transport and schools, on rising numbers of immigrants entering Britain's towns and cities.

The poll was commissioned by environment think-tank trust the Optimum Population Trust, which claims the UK's 61million population will explode to 85million by 2070.

It said it was alarming that the UK population grew by a staggering 434,700 in 2007, which is equivalent to a city larger than Cardiff.

Trust chairman Roger Martin told the Express: 'The government is presiding over a future which most in the country do not want and would reject if they had the chance.'

Shadow Immigration Minister Damian Green said the poll showed the dramatic effect immigration has had on Britain's public services in recent years.

'This is a direct result of the government's long-term failure to control immigration.'

New Labour social engineering in action, if white van man won't vote for him then the jihadists will. Best not complain else you will be hauled up before the justices for breaking "Newspeak" laws.

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