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Grasping Jock Hoon Rt Hon. Angus Robertson MP & hoon.

Moray Scottish National Party MP, Angus Robertson claimed a total of £165,879 from 2007 to 2008, including a second home allowance of £23,082.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Mr Robertson, who is the SNP's Westminster leader, successfully appealed a decision by Commons authorities to turn down his claim for a £400 home cinema system. He told the Fees Office that a DVD player and recorder was bought to catch up with recorded political programmes and also has a built-in radio function. Other purchases included a coffee maker, £100 on Sabatier knives and £20 for a corkscrew.

He also bought a TV for £1,119, of which the Fees Office only paid its recommended maximum of £750, while claims for furniture included £2,324 for a sofa bed from Habitat.

According to media reports, Mr Robertson bought a £227,500 property in Lambeth, south London, in March 2006 and made second home claims totalling more than £80,000 in the four years from 2004 to 2008. The claims also included legal fees and £2,275 stamp duty.

Mr Robertson said the claims were one-off accommodation set-up costs for a small flat and included "essentials" such as a bed, bedding, kitchen equipment and a TV. He said all the claims related to his parliamentary work, carried out on behalf of his constituents.

Since when did a fucking DVD player enable any MP to do their job better, since when did a set of £100 on Sabatier knives or a sodding £20 corkscrew help an MP be better at their job.

The bloke is a thief, plain an simple.

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