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ID cards, no union flag? Not in Welsh?!

Now I hate the idea of ID cards, we managed perfectly well without them for years and the only reason for them is control by the state. But this bit is really taking the piss to be fair:

Instead the ID card design unveiled by the home secretary, Alan Johnson, features a tasteful floral pattern made up of the shamrock, daffodil, thistle and rose alongside the Royal Coat of Arms.

A Home Office spokesperson saidtoday this was because "the card represents all the nations of the United Kingdom and the design reflects themes of Britishness and aspects of UK history".

So what is wrong with the Union Flag? Also why no Welsh version? If when one crosses the line between England and Wales you see that HM Govt can spend God alone knows how much putting out every single bit of paperwork in Welsh, have every roadsign with its Welsh translation next to the English, why not on the ID card?
A recent Identity and Passport Service impact assessment of the next phase of the ID card scheme says it is important that it is designed in a way that is open to everyone who has the right to live in the United Kingdom – whether they are British, Irish or a national from another country.
But what is missed or rather non stated is that the good people of Northern Ireland are in fact British! Could it be that this government is in fact ashamed of the British identity and under the excuse of "inclusiveness" finding a way to ditch it. You can bet that argument will be taken up by many...

So in order to appease folk we have removed the Union flag? Methinks that the BNP have a whole raft of free publicity here as well as Plaid and other Welsh language campaigners, let the fun begin....

Oh this bit shows the stupidity of the whole system:
The home secretary, Alan Johnson, said: "The introduction of ID cards today reaches another milestone, enabling the people of Manchester to prove and protect their identity in a quick, simple and secure way.
Alan, you utter insufferable little cock, that is why I have a passport. Want to open a bank account, show a passport and a utility bill, want to register with a job agency, do the same, in fact want to show any person that you are in fact who you say you are then get the passport out.

However did we manage without the all singing, all dancing ID card during the dark days of Paddy O'Terrorist planting bombs in the UK? Oh yes, I remember we just got on with it.

Think I shall ever buy one Alan, you can fuck the fuck off. Still its a non issue really as your government is as popular as tittie bar opening in Saudi Arabia and the chances of their electoral victory are about as likely as the dour Saudi clerics allowing tittie bars to open in their land.


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