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John Bercow as sneaky as the previous speaker.

Despite pledging truth and transparency when he took the job, the new Commons Speaker has refused to disclose his salary.

John Bercow's spokesman said it would breach Parliamentary 'protocol' to reveal whether he will accept the pay freeze agreed by his predecessor Michael Martin.

All backbench MPs - including Mr Bercow - were given an extra 2.33 per cent on their salaries in April, so their pay rose to £64,766.

However, the Commons website lists the Speaker's total pay entitlement as £144,520 - suggesting Mr Bercow has kept the increase.

By tradition, the Speaker's salary is linked to that awarded to Cabinet ministers.

Mr Martin, who quit last month, had agreed to hold his pay at £141,868 this year.

Same shit, different day. I knew that when uber-turds like Paul "I love my £7000+ house refurbishment you all paid for" Flynn and Tom "We have never had it so good" Harris recommended him for the job that nothing would change.

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