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Keep Britain Tidy, authoritarian loons.

From BBC Pravda.

Penalty point for littering call. Drivers who drop litter from their cars should be penalised with a point on their licence, say campaigners. Keep Britain Tidy says its research has shown it is a better deterrent than fines, which are already handed out.

Keep Britain Tidy, a bunch of authoritarian cunts.
It argues that as it is difficult to identify who has actually thrown the litter, all the blame should fall on the car owner.
So no need for actual evidence here, just blame the evil car owner. Sod due process and actual evidence.
Almost 100 councils in England will be working with the organisation to gather evidence on where and when littering from cars takes place.
Oh joy the council cock sniffers, high viz jacket wearing, PCSO's, glorified cunting dog wardens, clipboard carrying proto nazi scum get another opportunity to nanny, bully and piss off the taxpayers.
Members of the public are being asked to report incidents of people throwing litter from vehicles to the Keep Britain Tidy website to help analyse where and when it is happening.
Go on, follow in the finest traditions of the former East Germany. Report your fellow citizens. Cunts the lot of them.

I am now off out to drop some litter.

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