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Labour scum come in 3rd: Norwich North

Despite MP's on the Labour benches claiming it was all within the rules, done nothing wrong and that its time to move on the mass theft by them of public monies is still an issue with the public.

The Tories snatched an astonishing victory in a key by-election today, crushing Labour in a humiliating result that will pile more pressure on Gordon Brown.

They triumphed in Norwich North with a majority of 7,348 in what was the first litmus test of public opinion since the expenses scandal.

The scale of their win in the once-safe Labour seat far exceeded expectations and will buoy David Cameron as the main parties prepare for a general election next year.

Chloe Smith, just 27, completely swept aside the cushion of 5,459 votes achieved by Labour in 2005 to become the country's youngest MP and the youngest Tory MP ever.

The victory represented a swing of 16.5 per cent, with the Tory vote just under 40 per cent - a significant improvement on their 33 per cent showing in the 2005 election.

Labour's support collapsed, outstripping the party's worst fears by dropping 26 per cent to just 18.6 per cent. It won less than half of the Tories' votes to finish with 6,243.

What is frightening that there are still a number of retards who fail to grasp the sheer communist evil that is James Gordon Brown and his supporters and who like loyal Soviet sheep turned out to vote Labour for that amoral shit.

With 6,243 idiots casting their vote for the party of champagne socialism.

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