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Labour voters, thick cunts.

Dive, dive dive as UK economy shrank at fastest rate in 50 years.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the economy actually shrank by 2.4pc in the first quarter compared with the final three months of 2008, much more sharply than its first estimate of 1.9pc.

ONS records show that the last time the British economy contracted by more than 2.4pc was in the second quarter of 1958 when gross domestic product fell by 2.6pc and Harold Macmillan was in Downing Street.

So where has voting Labour got you? Fancy a night out, well you can not smoke in your local any more.

The economy is in ruins, with millions trapped in a subsistance hand to mouth existance. Trapped by a benefit system that removes money if they attempt to work and improve themselves.

All that cheap credit has gone now, the pipe dream is over and the bailiffs are knocking the door demanding payment. The banks and finance companies now realise that loaning squillions to folk on low wages based on their house price going up forever was a crock of shit, so have taken back thousands of homes.

Upward mobility is for many only a dream, whilst the state finds ever more things to regulate, tax and ban.

Our system keeps millions on benefits (never less than 5 million have been on some kind of benefits since 1997) - A shocking figure and yet all Labour MP's can offer is to keep the benefits gravy train a rolling, using the threat that other parties will cut that money.

Rather than tackle the problem they have ignored it, pouring money from central government into the regions. Token jobs, token projects and benefit dependency for the rest.

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