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More state fuckwittery: Chocolate bars could be made smaller

Chocolate bars could be cut in size to help fight the obesity epidemic. By epidemic they mean of course, indolent lazy fuckers who eat like pigs, then claim extra money off the state as they are then unable to work being fat cunts.

The Food Standards Agency wants the average bar to be reduced by up to a fifth to reduce daily calorie intake. Have they not thought that the same benefit drawing chavs, the Sharons and Tracys with the six kids -including brown baby - will just eat more bars.

It has drawn up plans for confectioners to make voluntary changes to the size of their snacks.
By 2012 the watchdog wants all confectionary to weigh no more than 50g - currently Mars bars are 58g and Bounty bars 57g.

Manufacturers have also been asked to sell bite-size bars as single items rather than as part of multibags.

They will be discouraged from promoting large supersize items - such as the Maltesers 'Big Bag' and - Mars 'Duo' - and instead encouraged to offer healthier snacks as alternatives .

Fucking pointless nanny state fuckwittery, still it keeps non jobs in work.

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