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MP expenses - the "new deal" for MP's. £9,125 a year an no receipts.

MPs give themselves £9,000 a year expenses deal without producing a receipt. Reform? what sodding reform?

So much for John Bercow the New Labour/er Tory tosspot, who was supposed to get tough on the expenses fiasco and yet refuses to state what is own pay is!

MPs have introduced new rules that allow them to claim up to £9,125 a year without producing a receipt, it was revealed today.

They will be able to claim £25 a day without producing any proof of payment despite voting to make receipts compulsory following public uproar over their lax expenses system.

The controverisal payments - published this month in a new parliamentary green book - allow MPs to claim the sum for any night they spend away from their designated main home on ‘parliamentary business’.

In the wake of widespread public outrage the expenses scandal in April, MPs voted for a series of measures that included the requirement of receipts for everything claimed.

But the green book for July, published on the Parliament website, states: ‘A flat-rate sum of £25 may be claimed for any night which a Member spends away from his or her main home on parliamentary business...

So there ya go yet more theft from your back pocket by the Rt. Hon. cunts, oh sorry I forgot its all within the rules.

That would be rules drawn up in secret, after all its only taxpayers money why should they get a say on how corrupt MP's get to blow it on rent boys, kitchens, chairs, legal expenses in libel cases, claiming back stamp duty, flipping homes, nappies, providing a vital service to the taxpayers!

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