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Paul Flynn - Expenses an allotments - Newport deserves better.

Thanks to english rose for the pic of Flynn.
Comrade Flynn has been covering the case of a lady who has been getting some hassle off of council folk over her allotment.

An so from his webshyte:
The jobsworths on Rogerstone Council were forced to climb down in the face of a gale of public anger. The report I have had from tonight's meeting suggests that their about turn was anything but graceful. One councillor tried a sideswipe at me saying that I should be involved in more important matters.
Gosh like say paying back the £7K you used on doing up your kitchen Paul? Or maybe the £10K in legal fees you charged to the taxpayers. You get yourself into legal hassle, then use the legalised theft of public monies, those sort of more important matters...
There are few issues more important than defending a vulnerable lady of mature years against the small-minded bullying of puffed-up dictators. The leading members of this council should consider whether they are fit persons to hold public office. Clearly their judgement is hopeless.
Puffed up dictators, like say people who make jokes about farmers suicides? As for hopeless judgement, well pot, kettle, black. Supporting EDM's that fawn all over Fidel whilst not once speaking out on human rights in your beloved communist shithole.
Thanks to all those who have voiced their support. Your views counted. I am sure that Mrs Avery will be extremely grateful. The Council should apologise for the unnecessary distress and worry they have caused. Perhaps a gift of flowers for Mrs Avery's allotment would be an appropriate gift.
Tell you what Paul why not send this woman a little something, go on you can charge it to expenses, after all everything else go's down on it. After all its only taxpayers money...

Still the council may be cunts but compared to Flynn that are rank beginners, Paul Flynn a weapons grade, obnoxious, lying fuckhole.

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