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Police to take action on cheap drinks.

Hat tip to oldholborn, it now appears that the Police will "take action" against licenced premises selling the evil drink to people at £1. I kid you not.
Pubs and clubs in a Leicestershire town are being urged not to sell cut-price alcohol, as part of a police campaign to discourage bad behaviour.

Venues in Loughborough are being asked to keep drinks prices above £1.50.

Sgt Andy Thornley said "irresponsible" promotions, in which spirits are sold for as little as £1, can cause young people to drink too much and misbehave.

The officer also warned that bars running irresponsible drinks promotion "could face action and penalties".
I would rather the police spend their time catching all those criminals on the run, nicking burglars and other anti social types.

Still no surprise that under Labour the police have moved into social engineering.

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