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Rt Hon Doug Henderson MP to stand down, he won't be missed.

Doug Henderson, a former government minister announced he is standing down. He has claimed hundreds of pounds for telephone calls made from his family home which is more than four hours drive away from his constituency.

When asked about the bills, Mr Henderson said he lived and worked in Anstruther, but was "in Newcastle very regularly, nearly every Friday and some weekends". He said his presence in Fife was known about in the constituency because the Liberal Democrats "put leaflets out telling everybody". - Its not my fault its the nasty Lib Dems! Boo Hoo.

Mr Henderson came out as one of the worst for value-for-money.

He attended parliament for about half of all votes, spoke in just eight debates and submitted 23 written questions in 2007/08, but claimed a total of £151,860 in expenses, including travel, home, office and staffing costs.

Mr Henderson also regularly claimed the full allowance of £400 a month for food with 11 claims in 2006/07 and eight in 2007/08.

Unlike the struggling voters, he claims his council tax back and also claims for cleaning. Yet another MP unable to push a hoover around the office. His cleaning expenses cost over £100 a month, rather a lot for someone to put the hoover about an do a spot of dusting?

The time serving fucker also voted for the dire 42 days bill, gets a boner over ID cards and also voted to cover up MP sleaze and graft.

Don't let the door slam you on the arse on your way out Henderson, you won't be missed.

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subrosa said...

It's unbelievable people would vote for someone who didn't live in the constituency. What are they thinking of? Mind you Anstruther is a really lovely wee place.