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Subway leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

I won't be stopping off for a Subway any more.

Subway Strips Franchises From Serving Member
While serving in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army Reserve, Leon Batie Jr. dodged roadside bombs and scrambled to safety when rockets pierced the night sky.

When he returned to Dallas in early 2006, another battle loomed.

As Batie was returning from Afghanistan, he learned he was being stripped of the two Subway restaurants he bought before mobilizing.

The stores were sold to Subway insiders, with one transaction yielding a Subway executive a $100,000 profit, according to a lawsuit Batie filed last year in state court in Dallas County. One issue in the case is set for trial this week.
If the business was doing that poorly it wouldn't have sold for so much profit.

Using his absence and the alledged poor business skills of his brother, Subway has made a profit from a serving soldier.

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