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Vile New Labour filth plan cuts in compensation for soldiers.

Gordon happy to fund head hunting savages here, fly jihadist scum back from Club Gitmo and dole out money to moslem barbarians whilst sticking the knife into the troops.

The Government was at the centre of a row last night over moves to deny soldiers full compensation for injuries suffered in battle.

Solicitors for the Ministry of Defence will this week argue at the Court of Appeal that two soldiers received too much compensation after they appealed against their awards.

One was left crippled and in constant pain after being shot in Iraq. The other is a Royal Marine who broke his leg on a training exercise.

The Government bid has been described as a ‘disgrace’ and comes as growing numbers of soldiers are living with injuries from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Meanwhile the evil New Labour scum still have no got helicopters bought by the MOD ready for the Afghan frontline

Six troop-carrying helicopters bought from Denmark more than two years ago are still not ready for combat on the Afghan frontline.

When the Merlin Mk3As were bought for £174million in June 2007, Ministers said they would be going to war by the middle of 2008.

But now the Ministry of Defence has admitted that modifications to upgrade the Merlins for battle are still incomplete and pilots need months more training before they can fly them to take on the Taliban.

New Labour scum hating the armed forces since 1997.

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