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Why New Labour, their policies and all who vote for them are fucking shit.

1. Tough on crime my arse. In a massive new law and order scandal, almost 1,000 criminals including murderers, rapists and paedophiles are wrongly at large.
The dangerous convicts should have been returned to jail after committing new crimes or breaking the terms of their early release.

But they have been allowed to cheat justice for up to 25 years after police forces across the country failed to track them down.

Incredibly, some police forces are refusing to identify the danger men, citing data protection laws.
2. 'Elf & safety costs lives. A grandfather was left dying while a paramedic spent 16 minutes carrying out a health and safety check on his flat.
Roy Adams, 61, was told to leave the entrance to his home open for emergency workers after he dialled 999 for medical help following a suspected heart attack.

But it is thought that the rapid response medic who was first at the scene feared the open door and another on the latch meant the flat was being burgled.

He waited outside and conducted a risk assessment while waiting for police support vehicles to arrive.
By the time he entered the property Mr Adams had collapsed to the floor, unable to breathe. He died on the way to hospital.
3. The heductation system is screwed in pc red tape. A school dinner lady who rescued a seven-year-old girl from bullies has been suspended after telling her parents about their child's ordeal.
Carol Hill dragged four boys away from Chloe David after discovering they had tied her to a fence and were whipping her with a skipping rope.

That night Mrs Hill bumped into the girl's parents and began commiserating with them about what had happened.

While the couple received a letter to say their child had been hurt, the school withheld the true extent of the incident - even though the bullies' parents had been called in to discuss the matter.
4. Labour have royally fucked the NHS. Safe in their hands, not fucking likely. A horrifying journal of the neglect a great-grandmother suffered in hospital has been published by her family.
Betty Dunn, 79, was admitted with a routine stomach problem but died six weeks later after a string of medical errors.

During this time her relatives compiled the diary detailing her ordeal in a ward they grimly nicknamed the 'zoo'.
5. No open government as waste, incompetence and fuckwittery is covered up yet again. Lord Mandelson was last night accused of kicking the long-awaited £16million report into the collapse of MG Rover into the 'long grass'.
The Business Secretary yesterday confirmed that he has called in the Serious Fraud Office to examine the circumstances surrounding the car company's demise.

The decision means that the findings of the report, which has taken four years to compile, may not be seen until after the next general election.
6. No immigration policy. Gordon Brown was last night accused of striking a bad deal for the taxpayer after agreeing to give France £15million to help tighten its borders.
Under a deal agreed yesterday, the money will pay for new technology to search vehicles heading for Britain.

A trial of the systems will be carried out at Calais before being extended to Boulogne, Dunkirk and the Channel Tunnel terminal at Coquelles.
Lastly Cato points out the lack of support given to our armed forces and the lack of basic respect for the dead from the politicians. No doubt to busy filling out expenses forms to take time out to show respect for the dead.

Just one day in the nightmare that is the Soviet "Cool Britannia."...

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