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Bashing Bob Ainsworth, the game the whole nation can play...

Poor Bob, he is just so misunderstood. He runs around like a headless chicken, desperate to do a job he is woefully under qualified for; he even blames the public for having a defeatist attitide on the home front.

Spends his day doing nothing over HM Government plans to cut benefits for wounded soldiers, well he is busy in court attempting to reduce injury payments to soldiers.

No doubt when he spots that folk have been mocking him and an image search on his name in Google brings up many a mocking piss take, he will not be amused.

After all he has already claimed that he is a victim and this will do his persecution complex no good at all.
"I'm such a victim, people attack me over my accent, my moustache... and because I'm no intellectual."
Bleated Bob in an interview, still page one on the image search beings up this gem.
Page 2, has even more.
I think I can hear the crying and tantrum in an office in Whitehall from here....

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