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BBC Pravda run pointless booze scare story.

From BBC Pravda:English holidaymakers are turning to drink on their breaks with the average adult consuming eight alcoholic drinks a day, a survey suggests.

Gosh a whole 8 drinks in any 24 hours, thats not really a lot now is it? Also suggests, WTF? Look do your research get the facts and figures, rather than a vague suggests.

That equates to 80 drinks over the course of the average holiday, or well over 200 units of alcohol.

Now I shall point out that the units measure was plucked out of the air and is totally meaningless.

More than a quarter said they ended up drinking three times more than normal.

But 70% of the 3,500 adults questioned by the Department of Health said they plan to make September the "new January" by cutting back.

New January, what the hell is that? Some Orwellian Newspeak term?

NHS guidelines advise no more than two to three units a day for women or three to four units for men - roughly equal to a large glass of wine for women and two pints of beer for men.

Government figures show 10 million adults in England regularly exceed the recommended daily limits, increasing their risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, liver disease and various cancers.

Whilst avoiding the inconvenient fact that cancers can strike anyone, anytime.

Again that would be the "recommended daily limits" based on figures plucked out of the air, a small fact which the BBC have not bothered to report.

And one of my favorite puritans, a chap who is not happy unless finding fault with other folks lives and attempting to nag them into becoming as dull as he is; yes its over to Prof. Ian "small penis" Gilmore.

Professor Ian Gilmore who is president of the Royal College of Physicians and chair of the UK Alcohol Health Alliance, called the figures "stark" and were a reminder that people need to keep an eye on how much they are drinking.

Really, oh how patronising. I shall also point out that the BBC fail to report that Alcohol Health Alliance is a state funded "charity" or quango, paid for out of our taxes to nanny us.

Ye Gods will we ever be free of tedious puritans who feel it is there moral duty to spend our tax money on preaching at us.

And so over to devilskitchen who has much to say on these folk.

I shall finish with this thought: Have the puritans not worked out that the reason folk have a few beers abroad is that the UK has become a depressing, over taxed, over regulated hell hole.

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