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Cuntitude - Alan Yentob shows he defines the word.

So what is cuntitude? Well an attitude that shows a total disregard for everyone else in society, looking down at their hardship and attempting to defend that which can not be defended.

Alan Yentob has defended the broadcaster against accusations of extravagance, insisting that hiring villas or a yacht is sometimes a necessary expense.

Of course, never mind the millions who laid off in the recession, still have to pay the TV licence. That is if the bailiffs have not been around to seize the telly.

Yentob, who is paid £340,000 a year and has a £2.5million pension pot, insisted that the BBC needed to spend some money to attract stars and buyers for programmes.

Thats all money collected from the working folk of this land, still champagne socialists always enjoy spending other peoples money.

The BBC has spent more than £90,000 over the past three years to hire a ten-bedroom villa for executives for TV trade fairs in Cannes.

Yentob claimed that renting a villa or yacht was still an option because it was a way of attracting big business and developing co-productions such as Emma and Cranford. 'Probably more people like to go to a yacht to buy programmes,' he said.

Would that we had the chance to piss about, get drunk and have a jolly ol time at Cannes, oh hang on we are just the fuckers forced to pay for it.

Matthew Elliott, of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: 'Alan Yentob may be used to a life of luxury yachts, free champagne and six-figure salaries but he should spare a thought for the hardworking licence fee payers.'

In a newspaper interview, Yentob contrasted the MPs' expenses row, where it was 'money spent on themselves', with money spent by the BBC 'in pursuit of work'.

'I find it difficult to say that the BBC expenses are intemperate,' he said. 'But how does it look to people?

'It doesn't look good and we're aware of it.'

Last year, Yentob was criticised after it emerged the BBC paid him £27,300 in expenses including £16,830 for 'entertainment' between 2005 and 2008.

So he blasts the MP's whilst ignoring the large figures above that he has taken from the taxpayers pockets to blow on fine drinks and "jollys".

Alan Yentob, cuntitude is thy name.

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