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Fake Charity: Drinkaware - state the obvious.

Teenagers are drinking alcohol because they are bored, according to a new report.

The fake charity Drinkaware funded by the taxpayer said nearly one in ten teenagers aged 16 and 17 drank alcohol at least once a week because they had nothing else to do.

Drinkaware's chief executive nonjob Chris Sorek said: "Drinking can increase the chances of either being the victim or a perpetrator of a crime and having unprotected sex leading to sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.

"If young people are drinking they should eat something beforehand, space their alcoholic drinks with water or soft drinks, look after their mates and if they're out, plan how they're going to get home."

Gosh! Teens decide to go out and get hammered, well I am so impressed with my tax money being used to fund Chris Sorek and his ilk. How ever did we manage without taxpayer funded quango/charities to nanny us and state the obvious.

Next week a report on bears taking a dump in the woods and the shock discovery that the Pope is actually a Catholic.

A dof of the cap to muffledvociferation who also covered this one.

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