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Former Speaker(and CUNT) Michael Martin gets the title of Baron Martin of Springburn, of Port Dundas in the City of Glasgow.

Hat tip to GOT who reported that.

Gorbals was rewarded for swallowing over many years, vast amounts of semen from one James Gordon Brown unelected PM of the UK.

For whoring his office, his principles, selling his arse and his morals, his person and all he values in the aim of making vast amounts of money. A man who has in the Biblical term rendered himself utterly unto Cesar.

Although I also saw a grand total of fuck all in the media on this fat, lying, thieving fucking amoral cunt getting a peerage and a fancy cunting title the cunt.

And like Got respect to All Seeing Eye for spotting that one.

I wonder if the utter cunt of a cunt that hold the orifice of speaker, Bercunt was involved in this, oh yes he was as he was pushed for the job by cunts like Paul Flynn and Tom "cunt" Harris.

Ps John Bercow is a cunt, Paul Flynn is a cunt, Tom Harris is a cunt, and most of all this fat cunt of a peer is a cunt the cunt.

Time for rope and a lynch mob.

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