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Hazel Blears car attacked.

Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!!!!!!!! What a fucking excellent bit of news to finish the day off.

Hat tip to GOT. for the car pic.

The ex-communities secretary said she did not think her car had been targeted because of who she was.

You what? Fucking hellski she appears on the telly box with a large cheque offering to pay back huge amounts of cash. All the while looking like an uber-smug git.

Is she really that stupid, of course it's because of who she is, what she did.

I would offer up large amounts of cash that before this year is over she will not be the only MP in the "MP's attacked/abused/egged and otherwise treated like the scum that they are club."

Police have announced that they are looking for the following one eye'd snot munching suspect.

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