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Health scare - no facts needed.

The Commie run BBC have a fine bit of filler time, scare story "wankery":
"Parents have been urged not to put ham and other processed meat into their children's lunchboxes to avoid them developing a cancer risk later in life.

The World Cancer Research Fund said parents should act now to stop their children developing a taste for smoked, salted or cured meats.

Eating too much over decades can raise the risk of bowel cancer, they said.
Although quite how much is not spBlockquoteecified, no need for bothersome shit like, well you know facts. Proof, evidence and the sure knowledge that a ham sandwich will get you a fast ticket to the cancer ward 20 years down the line.

Can they prove the link between a ham sandwich and the bone yard? No.
Marni Craze, the charity's children's education manager, said: "It is better if children learn to view processed meat as an occasional treat if it is eaten at all."

She also wants to see a crackdown on high calorie snacks in school lunchboxes, as being overweight as an adult can also increase the risk of cancer later in life.
She wants, she thinks, well she is an inept parent frightening cunt playing on scare stories and fear to push her quangos aims the cunt.

Your tax money in action folks, being used to frighten you. Reported as if carved in fucking stone by lazy, overpaid scum employed by the BBC.

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