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Jana Bennett your all thick, unable to understand why we pay stars vast amounts of cash.

Well get this for patronising, talk down to the plebs and pat them on the head in a condescending and demeaning manner.

She said: that members of the public could not fully comprehend the complexities of the television industry or contribute to the debate about the pay of stars such as Jonathan Ross, who is reported to be on a £6 million-a-year deal with the corporation.

Oh really? Well I do understand that the BBC is a vast bloated organisation long since past its sell by date. Biased in favour of the government and funded through an immoral television license tax that threatens fines and even jail if you do not pay.
Speaking as part of a panel on presenters’ fees at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Ms Bennett, director of BBC Vision, said that BBC staff deserved to be treated differently from workers in other areas of the public sector.
Ah no doubt as they are in some way superior to everyone else? Well I pay for them, its my and everyone elses extorted tax money.

She said: “The BBC is in a market; in the broader sense it’s part of the creative industries. It performs a fundamentally different role than that performed by, for example, policemen or teachers. It is a category error to suggest that the public would actually be able to contribute to working out what we do about it. It’s like me talking about Tom Cruise’s movie deals. I’m not of that sector.”

Ah yes, so lets take that statement apart shall we: policemen catch criminals and do something of use. Teachers educate the young and do something of use. Media stars, well aside from shoveling coke up their noses, whoring themselves at every opportunity and being paid far more than they are worth; what do they do?

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