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Liam Gill jokes.

A dead scouser who gets fried, anyone who thinks I am missing out on mocking this is taking the piss. All from http://www.sickipedia.org

My name is Emma-Jane Percy, and I’m Head of Year 9 at St Benedict's Catholic College, the school that Liam Gill attended.
I am writing to express my horror and disgust at some of the truly despicable things I have read on this so-called joke website.
I had no idea our pupils were so illiterate, and I can only apologise for the immense distress their appalling grammar must have caused you.

Looks like the little scouse bastard finally found a law he couldn't break... Ohm's law.

Hello. This is God speaking. Has anyone seen my wallet?

’d just like to say a few words of respect for Liam Gill
Liam was a lovely lad, always knew how to conduct himself despite coming from a broken ohm.
The cheeky scouser only had to walk into a room and the place would light up.
He had his deep moments as well though, often asking ‘Watt is life all about?” his curiosity sparked off by a natural inquisitiveness.
It’s sad to think he won’t be around to realise his dream, to train to be a conductor.
He's to be buried in the family volt.

I'm a Hornby model train enthusiast.
Does anyone know where I can get a little molten plastic Scouser?

How the hell did the authoritites expect a 13 year old scouser to be able to understand the warning signs which read "DANGER - OVERHEAD CABLES - RISK OF DEATH"?
Surely a sign reading "YOOS WIL BEA EELCTRACUUTD IF YOOS CUM IN HEAR XXX" would have been more appropriate?

Three little Scousers sitting on a train,
Three little Scousers sitting on a train,
And if one little Scouser had used his fucking brain,
There'd still be three little Scousers sitting on a train.

Knockoff Adidas tracksuit: £9.99
Black facepaint: £1.99
Length of electrical cable from B&Q: £3.49
Fake Scouse Accent: Free
Walking around Liverpool in this year's 'most shocking' Halloween costume: Priceless

Frankie Boyle: if you're reading this, I fucking dare you to steal a Liam Gill joke for the next Mock the Week. I recommend "ohms law" - you fucking know you want to.

I was surprised to hear that 13 year-old Liam Gill was electrocuted after climbing onto a disused train.
I always thought that Scousers were good at avoiding the charges on public transport.

According to the “Ban Sickipedia” group on Facebook, we should only be able to make jokes about things they’re not personally acquainted with.
Like humour, the rules of grammar, and the concept of electricity.

My first is in electricity but not in gas
My second is in idiot but not in ass
My third is in remedial but never in school
My fourth is in moron but never in fool
My fifth is in drugs and also in high
My sixth is in powerline but not in supply
My seventh is in blow but never in puff
My eighth is in below but not in above
I am the scouser Sickipedians love.

I never knew that trains had hubcaps............

Imagine the look on Liam Gill's mum's face when she found out her son was smoking behind the train tracks.

You know what they say, once you go black...
You wont touch a 25,000 volt wire again...

Electric railway lines, 21st century natural selection.

So when Liam's getting buried, do you think the vicar will say,
"Earth to earth, positive to positive"?

The recent death of a 13 year old scouser really surprised me
I mean Liverpool has electricity? wow.

Liam Gill's parents have decided against a cremation and have instead opted for a burial.
I think it might be a bit late to earth him now though.

Liam Gill had 25000 volts running through his body
I bet that fuckin hertz

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