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Live in Soviet Britain:Crime & punishment.

A driver was fined for moving a yard through a red light to allow a police van responding to an emergency call to pass.

Phillip Lilley was waiting at a junction in Droylsden, Manchester when he saw the police van behind him with its blue lights on and sirens blaring.

The 36-year-old, watched two cars drive through the red light before edging his black Lexus forward so the van could pass. More here:

A man prosecuted for stealing a 25p banana has been cleared after a trial which cost the taxpayer £20,000.

James Gallagher, 23, was accused of stealing the fruit from the Del Villagio restaurant in Birmingham's Bullring shopping centre.

But a jury at Birmingham Crown Court jurors took less than half an hour to find him not guilty of burglary and a lesser charge of theft.

Speaking after the verdict was delivered, Mr Gallagher said: 'It's shocking, it's just a waste of taxpayers' money. I cannot understand how they've got away with it.'

Recorder Mr Shamim Qureshi told the jury before they delivered their verdict: 'It is easy sometimes to think "What is this case doing at the crown court?" More here:

I wonder if they can apply to get the council tax reduced as they are in effect policing their own area? More Here.

There is always a price to pay for rising crime rates and an over-stretched police force.
But rarely is it so clear what that cost is. Residents of an affluent suburb in Southampton have decided to pay £3.15 a week to fund a private security force to patrol the streets.

Hundreds of residents who have 'lost faith in the police force' have clubbed together to hire the private team of uniformed officers to protect them from crime in the area.

For more of this, remember to vote for comrade Brown.

Drug dealers who get themselves pregnant flown back to serve a few weeks in a soft jail rather than getting topped in a shithole prison.

Whilst madwoman Harriet Harridan bleats on that the conviction rate for rape needs to "be improved", that rape trials (or any type of trial) should have conviction targets is dangerous, to say the least. One is either innocent or guilty of the crime, you cannot set targets for convictions. Although knowing loony Labour I bet they will try.

Britain where alledged banana thieves tie up the courts, motorists who help the police get fined and citizens have to police their own areas.

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