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The New Labour Parasitic Olympics.

GOT has it right on the fiasco that will be the 2012 Olympics, not that these fuckers will be in power to see it.
Tessa Jowell, her special event is taking large amounts of cash in brown envelops off of Italian leaders.
Will be taking part in the "Slimey Bastard" event, which involves slithering under a locked toilet door.
Her event will be the "Talking shyte" and ensuring that a woman/quota enabled black lesbian single parent wins.
Will be taking part in the "Uber Cunt" a competition that he will win by a mile, the cunt.
Here is my logo, which unlike official logo that cost squillions accurately details the utter crappiness that will be the 2012 Olympics. Don't expect it to be like the Chinese Olympics, other than its organised by a bunch of authoriarian commies.

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