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Sir Alan Sugar - A well rewarded peer of the New Labour realm.

Guido has a bit on the infamous Lord Amstrad of Emailer, who is threatening to sue Quentin Letts for calling him stupid and for suggesting that he only got his peerage and government job because he is a TV personality. Sugar’s lawyers, Herbert Smith, sent Quentin a menacing letter talking about putting the matter before a “jury of his peers”.

"A jury of his peers", come on Sir Amstrad, sorry Alan we are not on reality TV now.

Still this is a bloke who was bleating loudly in the media about wanting to have his cake and eat it, when over the growing controversy over his appointment as Labour's Enterprise tsar as he was accused of breaching the corporation's impartiality rules. He sulked and moaned tgat he is prepared to take his show to another broadcaster if a deal cannot be reached with the BBC, according to a report in The Times.

Then again this is the chap who at one point slags off the PM and now is happy to work for him and also donate lots of money to Labour. He said of Gordon Brown:
"I have noted with disgust the comments of a certain Mr Gordon Brown who has accused me of doing well out of the recession...
...I do not know who Mr Gordon Brown is...Whoever he is, he has not done his home work properly."
Amazing how a bit of free publicity and a peerage can get folk to kiss and make up.

Although Sir Alan, the peer and donator of large wads of cash to New Labour had a remarkable stroke of luck when his company landed a large government contract.

According to Sir Alan, the win "proves that British companies like Viglen can punch outside their weight against stiff overseas competitors, who internationally are many times bigger than us", so there you have it. All down to skill, hard work and NOT donating large envelopes of cash to No.10. Also nothing to do with using his media position to deliver the New Labour message to the plebs.

Lastly, lets not forget that this is the chap who inflicted the awful Amstrad Emailer on the land.

Still Sir Alan in an amusing twist of fate is doing fine out of this recession, a nice contract, a peerage and lots of free publicity for himself into the bargain. Not that this is a peerage for cash, heaven forbid that Labour would make that mistake again, he just happens to land a rather good contract.

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