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Utter nonsense.

Jesus H Christ on a fecking bike, will the idiots in power ever stop finding new ways to nanny the populace.

FIRST smokers were told to stub it out. Then happy hours were deemed out of order. But now – in perhaps the greatest assault yet on Scotland's traditional pub culture – bar staff are being told to stop asking patrons if they'd like "the same again".

The move is the result of new licensing laws coming into force next Tuesday to clamp down on "irresponsible promotions".

In measures described last night as "arrant nonsense", some training companies preparing staff for the new laws have warned the traditional prompt may be deemed irresponsible.

Instead, bar staff are being advised it would be better simply to ask "what would you like?", or "what can I do for you?"

It is also understood that trainers are telling staff that if a drinker is looking for a refill, he should be given a glass of water.

Scare story after scare story, the small penis wielding loons of the state make up for their sexual failings by finding ever more ways to over regulate our lives. Who the hell do they think they are to regulate the private conduct of citizens? We now have the reading of quotes from cards printed by the state. Fuck the fuck off and leave me the hell alone.

Let me make this clear, so long as I behave myself and do not end up in the local police station, or clogging up the resources of the NHS; its not the place of the state to bitch and moan about either my drinking quantity or to "prompt" me to cut down.

We are told the booze is a problem, that is a lie. Millions of people enjoy a beer or twelve and aside from a hangover no harm is done. They know when to stop, don't get into a fight, don't throw up over some doctors shoes in A&E and get up the next day for work. A small minority cause the problems and should they be jailed and have benefits removed for breaking the law, then booze related crime would plummet.

I pay my taxes and follow the laws of the land, I expect from my employees in the state sector the following. Politeness and respect as well as value for money, on every single point I am let down every time.

My choice of pints is decided by many factors, however the nannying of the state is not going to be one of them. They lied when they dreamed up the "units", figures plucked out of the air with no basis in fact or reality what so fucking ever. Further it shows a total lack of respect for my privacy and I have the ability to make decisions for myself.

The sign of a great pub is when the barstaff seeing your glass - not a polycarb piece of fecking shyte but a proper glass glass - is empty and your drink is poured without your even having to ask. The powers that be can lick my ringpiece if they ever think I shall drink from a polycarb glass.

We are being turned into a nation of worriers, watched by curtain twitching puritans that would not have been out place in the last years of Oliver Cromwell's republic. They believe that we need to be controlled and managed by them, despite us paying their wages.

The whole lot of them can fuck the fuck off, leave a man alone to enjoy his ale in a responsible fashion. After twelve years of this cockwaving, nannying and state bullshit we have bugger all left aside from a pint of an evening.

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