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Waste and newspeak in New Labour land.

Ah I feel for the poor taxpayers of Oxford.

You see the evil polluting homeowners who produce more than one wheelie bin full of waste per fortnight will be fined £80.

Now the clever chaps on the cuntcil who came up with this, first abolished the weekly waste collections and replaced them with fortnightly ones. Of course, they are not going to reduce council tax bills, after all one has to think of the glorious things they can waste that extra money on.

Like what? Oh like say a team of "Waste Education Officers.". The handy taxpayer funded team of clipboard wielding chaps will come round to your home and teach you all about what you can and cannot throw away.

They will empty taxpayers' bins, and go through it with them in their own homes.

Yes, you get an employee of the state thatyou pay for turn up and lecture you like a schoolchild caught having a sly smoke behind the bikesheds. Talked down to and informed in depth on all your vile eco-crimes.

Brilliant. Take a weekly service, then turn it into a poorer fortnightly service for the same amount of money. Then fine people who can not keep up and nanny them with some state employed non jobs.

Here is the council's news release, which goes on about lilac sacks and carbon arseprints, ecowankspeak an threats of fines etc etc.

Hat tip to nannyknowsbest

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