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Yet more vile lies from New Labour filth MP's re the £1.4 billion cost.

A hat tip to markreckons who comments on the blatant lie by unelected snot munching PM James Gordon Brown that the Gurkha's would cost £1.4 billion if allowed to settle here.

So over to Mark:

Do you remember a few months ago when the government were still trying to prevent the Gurkhas from being able to settle in the UK if they wished, you know before they totally caved in the face of opposition from outraged people everywhere led by Joanna Lumley and Nick Clegg? The main justification they used at the time was thatit would cost £1.4 billion to allow them to settle.

I always thought this sounded dodgy and very much on the high side. So did fellow blogger Matt Raven, so much so that he submitted a Freedom of Information request via whatdotheyknow.com and after much chasing he got his response a couple of weeks ago. He has blogged about it himself here.

It turns out, surprise surprise that the figure was derived from making the most extreme assumptions about how expensive it would be to allow the Gurkhas to settle. As Matt points out:

Their eventual reply was that the figure assumes (among other things) that:
  • All 36,000 who retired between 1948 and 1997 would choose to settle if they were able to do so
  • None of the dependants (including spouse, children under 18, unmarried dependant children 18-30, elderly parents living with the main applicant - and assuming half of children 18-30 are married) work
  • All settling families are on Child Tax Credits maximum award.
And do not take account of any tax or national insurance contributions that former Gurkhas may have made in the past or that they may make in the future
If I was a Gurkha, I would feel rather insulted that the justification the government had used to try and prevent me from settling made all these disparaging assumptions about me and all of my dependents.

Indeed and here is a list of the self serving, expense fiddling Rt Hon. scumbags who attempted to shaft the Gurkha's whilst awarding themselves ever more perks and privilages.

Note that some of the Rt Hon. filth decided to side with the government by being absent, an old tactic when the MP in question agrees but does not want to be seen to be agreeing with the Government.

I am doing a list of them and in the next week shall be ripping into all of them and bringing their expense up again. After all we pay for them, moats, bathplugs and porn films inculded. As the majority of the people in this land respect and have no problem with Gurkha's being allowed in, we should expect our MP's to vote according to our wishes, not party lines.

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