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After cunting the economy Gordon is to resolve crime

Oh will this tedious little man Brown, just fuck the fuck off.
Gordon Brown will today put tackling crime and anti-social behaviour at the centre of a last-gasp political fightback as doubts continue to swirl about his leadership.

Addressing the last Labour annual conference before the general election, the beleaguered Prime Minister will announce a wide package of crime measures.

Mr Brown will once again be battling for his political life after a new poll put Labour behind the Liberal Democrats, in third place for the first time since February 1982.

The Ipsos Mori survey puts the Tories on 36 per cent with Labour on 24 per cent, one point behind the LibDems.

In an apparent hardening of attitudes by restive Labour left-wingers, the Prime Minister was dismissed as a ‘dead man walking’.

Backbencher Alan Simpson labelled Mr Brown a ‘grumpy old man’ and described Downing Street as like the ‘last days of Hitler bunker mentality’.

So lets see, our national debt is soaring upwards at £6000+ quid a second, our pound is worth less than the euro and we (and our children)will be paying off Gordon's spending for years and years.

Now he wants to sort out crime, a bit late considering they have been in power since 1997 and things like this happen in the socialist utopia that Gordon has helped to create. Even when people are jailed they boast about the easy life inside on Facebook.

A state where a complaint to the police is met with total indifference. But don't worry there are plenty of snoopers and taxpayers money to fund them, in order to ensure petty regulations on child minding are enforced.

Brown and his champagne swilling socialists live safe in luxury complexs, secure from the feral kids their policies fund, travel in cars from important meetings never having to meet the plebs and proles. No matter how strange the policies, they never have to pick up the costs, after all they are paid a fortune and should all else fail they can claim it all back on expenses anyway.

If Von Brown really wanted to resolve crime he could have done it years ago, as could that gurning little buffoon Blair who held office before him. The solution to resolving much of the low level crime** that comes up before the courts is quite simple.

The same old faces, the same offenders time and time again. An underclass that Labour has encouraged, paid for with everyones taxes, a class that choose not to work and turn it down as the benefits system pays them more than they could earn anyway.

If they want a solution then here it is, cut the benefits off of the criminal class. They put themselves beyond societys laws, so remove them from the benefits of society: don't bother fining them - odds on they won't pay it anyway. As for prison that has become a joke, a training ground for the underclass, which provides them with three meals a day and where they can still claim their benefits whilst banged up, then its early release and a social worker to fix them up with a place to live.

Give them 3 chances, after which they have shown they do not give a fuck about society so fuck them. Let them starve, beg and suffer a slow death from starvation in the gutter.

A simple three strikes an your out of the benefit system, thats it. No more state money. No housing, no ale money every 2 weeks, no sick pay to top up their job as a taxi driver on the side; nothing not a bent copper coin ever.

Of course that would require courage, a word our mono eye'd PM has written much about but has no deeper meaning of what the word really means.

** By crime I mean crimes against the person, robbery, assault and vandalism that sort of thing; not the parking offences, smoking crimes, bin crimes and other legalized extortion that passes for crime but is in fact an excuse to get money out of the otherwise law abiding citizens wallets.

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