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Andy Reed MP, expenses hog.

A hat tip of the cap to Lobbydog for this:
Alan Duncan’s neighbouring Labour MP Andy Reed wrote a righteous blog-post earlier on how the former Tory front-bencher got “what he deserved” by being sacked.
Yes, Alan Duncan made himself look a complete fucking knob with his comments, especially with the large numbers of folk losing their homes and jobs thanks to our depressed MAOI popping PM screwing up the economy.

But seriously is Andy Reed throwing stones? Well lets have a look at his expenses (ACA pdf link)

Oh I hear the tinkling of glass as he bleats on about rich Tories and shows that he and I shall use his own words:
"has no idea what the ordinary lives of people are like."
Andy charged the taxpayer for wall brackets, seriously how does an MP need wall brackets to do their job? As well as cleaning as he has so much on he can not be seen pushing a hoover around himself.

Then he gets you to pay all his utility bills like electric(you know all the ones us poor folk have to pay); as well as tucking into the free food allowance each month.

He also charged the taxpayer for his residents car parking, also no council tax for him as Andy claims all that back as well! Gosh what a lucky chap he is.

A busy MP is Andy but he found time to charge us £10.28 for kitchen utensils.

Then there was an invoice for work on his bathroom coming to £1480 quid, after all a shit MP has to take a shit in comfort.

He compares his MP wage to that of a "deputy head teacher/ middle local government manager", strange I always thought they paid their own utility bills, bought their own food, and got no help from the taxpayer with the 2nd home allowance?

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