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Cigarette smuggling, cause and effect.

Its cause an effect time.
Cigarette smuggling into Britain is becoming so lucrative that growing numbers of young women are being offered free summer holidays by criminals in return for trafficking tobacco.
So nothing to do with the large amount of tax imposed it?
Smugglers usually sell packets of 20 for about £3 – half the price of legitimate cigarettes in Britain, which a Treasury survey confirms as the most expensive in Europe.
Oh yes, thats it.
"We are determined to eradicate tobacco smuggling and its devastating impact on our communities," a UK Border Agency source said.
Good luck on that one.

If HM Government lowered the duties, the smugglers would not have the economic reason to smuggle and the tax revenues would actually increase as folk would buy them from the shops rather than from a bloke called "Dave" down the pub.

Mind the health nazi's would have a fit, which is no bad thing either.

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