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Dafydd Wigley desperate to hoover up a peerage.

Now your first thought is who the hell is Dafydd Wigley? Well he served as Plaid Cymru Member of Parliament for Caernarfon from 1974 until 2001.

Then deciding that work was a mugs game shifted his Welsh arse over to the Welsh Arsembly, where he sat around counting paper clips as Arsembly Member for Caernarfon from 1999 until 2003.

A mad left winger, think Derek Hatton with a leek and your not far off. Wigley is best remembered for proposing that council tax on holiday homes in Wales owned by the evil English should double.

Anyway since leaving politics he spend a bit of time poncing about as Pro-Chancellor of the University of Wales. He tried to get back in recently as a Plaid member for the Arsembly, but failed utterly in that attempt to get back on the tax payer funded gravy train.

Well now he wants a peerage, yep having failed to get voted in this taff timewaster wants us all to pay for him to be a peer.

He has none other than my local MP, the proven liar and libelist Paul Flynn offering him support. A case of all Welsh windbags together. Yep Paul Flynn, a man famed for bleating on about the evils of Tory expenses and deleting comments on his own expenses.

Flynn says on Wigleys failed attempt:
There is speculation that Dafydd Wigley’s nomination to the House of Lords has been blocked. There was an internal party vote. Today Dafydd Wigley is withdrawing his nomination partly because he believes it has been blocked. Here is the exchange I had with Lord Jay who chairs the Lords Appointments Committee
Dafydd will be crying as he sits in the bar tonight, no doubt he will put aside his socialist principles in desperate attempt to get on the taxpayers teat at a future point. Thank fuck for him not getting in as that saved the taxpayer a few quid.

No matter how they select those for the Lords and the peerage bandwagon, the fact he is mates with the vile Flynn is good enough to reject Dafydd.

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