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Equality for all unless your Christian.

A Christian campaign group has been banned from pinning up notices about its meetings in libraries or community centres.

The activists were told their posters advertising talks about climate change could not be shown in public because they mentioned Christianity and God.

Officials declared that the flyers for a talk on 'climate change is a Christian issue' and and another by a spokesman for the Christian Ecology Link were in conflict with town hall policy against the promotion of religious ideas.

The ban in Camden in North London bemused campaigners from the Roman Catholic Our Lady Help of Christians parish church - not least because they were told they could display posters advertising green rallies so long as they did not refer to God.

There was also confusion among the greens that while borough officials insist they cannot lend a hand to a Christian group, it provides for inquirers details of no fewer than 13 mosques, Muslim study groups, and Islamic social groups.

It is currently advertising for a £32,714-a-year youth worker to engage with 'especially Muslim teenagers' and the borough's website publishes the news that 'Camden council raises awareness of Islam', complete with assurances from a former leader that 'we work hard to spread a true picture of Islam and the Muslim faith.'

The rejection of flyers by local Christian group at libraries and community centres in Camden follows a growing number of incidents of official disapproval of Christians and Christianity.
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