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John Denham - The dhimmi minister.

John Denham has been comparing protests with the 1930's, claiming that its all down to evil skin head Nazi's out for a fight and picking on the poor moslems. Missing the point that the right of lawful assembly and protest is one we have had in this land, despite the best efforts of moslems and Labour to remove it.

Link:A Cabinet minister has raised fears of a return to 1930s fascism, comparing modern right-wing groups to Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts.
Communities Secretary John Denham's comments came as he announced a drive to prevent white working class people being "exploited" by extremists.
Right, so we have ghetto's across the land, whole no-go areas that have become Islamic colonies in the UK. Yet when the natives protest the racist blackshirt quotes come out.

Still this is a champagne swilling socialist who thinks his expenses more important than voting for Gurkha soldiers who took up arms for this land. A vote which was thankfully defeated.

So lets have a look at this "representative of the people", or rather his expenses(PDF)

£200 on food, £1400+ a month on his mortgage, £71 utilities, £110 council tax, £100 cleaning, oh and £2792 on damp proofing his bathroom back in 2007.

SOUTHAMPTON MP John Denham has lifted the lid on his Parliamentary expenses and revealed he spent almost £2,500 of taxpayers’ money on furniture for his London home.

The Daily Echo can today reveal for the first time that Mr Denham’s claims for his second home – which totalled £87,729 between 2004/5 and 2007/8 – included £1,590 for two armchairs, £475 for an “Alana” rug and £474 for six kitchen chairs.
All the reports would have you believe that it's the EDL and SIOE causing the trouble, yet all the clips on the telly show large numbers of moslem barbarians hurling bricks and abuse; any chance the Rt Hon. minister for damp proofing could explain that?

Why have we got such an expensive "Communities Sec" that fails to represent the vast majority of the British people?

John "dhimmi" Denham can be contact at 20-22 Southampton Street, Southampton, SO15 2ED
PHONE 023 8033 9807
FAX 023 8033 9907
EMAIL john@johndenham.org.uk

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