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Lord Amstrad of E-Mailer: Alan Sugar fleeced by builders.

Snigger. Ha ha ha ha. Enterprise Czar! WWWWHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA

Still Sir Alan has not had an easy time of it of late, first there was that cock up with his apprenticeship vacancies that cost £3million an recruited just 600 apprentices -despite or because of an advertising campaign fronted by Sir Alan Sugar - at a cost of £4,677 per apprentice: Link

Not a good start as Enterprise Czar. Still this is the man who in return for large amount of cash he has donated to New Labour, er his hard work has landed a cushy government contract selling PC's to the government as well as becoming a peer working for Gordon Brown.

The two are in no way related as this principled Government would in no way ever offer peerages for perks or large wedges of cash, oh hang on...

Sir Alan has put previous differences behind them, like when Alan slagged off Gordon back in 1992 for accusing him of making a profit from the previous recession, now thanks to McSnotty, Sir Alan is doing rather fine in this recession.

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