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Met office excuses.

Part of what is wrong with society is that no one, under any circumstances ever admits that they got it wrong. This leads to a culture of dreaming up excuses for not making mistakes.

The Telegraph reports that:
"The Met Office has quietly defended itself against its derided prediction of a "barbecue summer" by claiming its forecasters got the temperature right - just not the amount of rain."
Ah right. So the facts are right it was just an unforseen thing called rain.
"Its forecasters have now admitted that they are not very good at predicting the amount of rain that will fall in summer."
There you go. The Met Office then follows this up with another prediction.
"In a departure from the wet and warm summer, the Met Office has predicted a dry and cold September."
They might be better off sacking all the staff and just employing an African witch doctor to rattle some bones and use them to forcast the weather.

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