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Mullah Abdul Karim has left the building, will not be down for breakfast...

A TALIBAN chief who threatened to slaughter Prince Harry has been hunted down and killed, it was revealed yesterday.

Special forces marksmen “took out” Mullah Abdul Karim in an officially-sanctioned assassination.
Their mission was carried out on August 10, but details have only just been released by Australian military top brass.

It was a revenge retaliation as the Taliban leader was known to be directly responsible for numerous attacks against Australian and Afghan forces.

Taliban commander Mullah Karim gained notoriety last year by describing Prince Harry, then ­serving with the Household Cavalry in southern Helmand, as an “important chicken” and threatening to kill him. He had declared: “He is our special enemy.” More than half-a-dozen senior plotters in attacks on coalition soldiers have been targeted in similar covert operations.

His goats are in mourning as their lover has been killed.

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