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Useless Speaker John Bercow spending our money.

The BBC Pravda are happy to report that ultra wet Tory voted for in droves by Labour MP's John Bercow is as bad as the last corrupt fucker to hold the office as Speaker, he has taken on an adviser:
"House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has appointed a former Times journalist as his special adviser and spokesman.

Tim Hames, who is currently a director of communications for a lobby group, was chosen without anyone else being interviewed for the post.

It is thought to be the first time a Speaker has taken on someone with the job title of special adviser.

Mr Hames will start work on 2 November and is expected to spend about a third of his time dealing with the media.

He will be a special adviser on a Grade 1 status, meaning he will get a salary of between £87,000 and £107,000 a year. "
Still awaiting on that reform of the corrupt MP's expenses Bercow. Oh I forgot for a second that they appointed a poacher turned gamekeeper; so no reform in any meaningful way will happen.

How about this as a reform idea, all advisers, staff to be paid from the MP's hefty wages? Oh no far simpler to rob the taxpayers yet again.

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