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When advertising backfires: Howard Brown.

For those not in the UK, or who have no access to telly over the last few years will think who is hell is Howard Brown?

He is as the picture stolen from Is a cunt shows, a total cunt. Not just a run of the mill cunt, oh no. Howard Brown is a weapons grade cunt, the sort of cunt that gets even regular cunts like Bono from U2 to say "Fuck me, what a cunt Howard Brown is." probably.

Howard used - thank fuck he has been removed now - to do piss poor bank adverts for Halifax. During these shyte fests, when mortals leapt for the remote to shut him up. Howard would sing in a Carla Bruni style of singing that grates on the ears like nails on a chalkboard.

Anyway onto the main point of this - other than calling Howard Brown a cunt - is that a few years back I was in the process of changing banks. So it was a choice between Halifax and some other bank down the road, upon seeing a huge poster of Howard grinning and looking a total cunt, I went to the other bank.

PS Howard Brown is and always will be a cunt.

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