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When did police move from enforcement of law to drafting new laws? Polycarb glasses.

From the Morning Advertiser: Blackpool police are accused of trying to enforce a peak-hours glass ban “by the back door” by asking licensees to sign controversial agreements.

Police are asking bars to sign a “memorandum of understanding” agreeing to use polycarbonates at stated times. These vary and can include events such as football matches.

The force has secured Government funding for polycarbonates and the form outlines what proportion of the cost will be met by police. The licensee agrees to pay the remainder. The number of containers, including wine and spirit vessels, is stated and the form says: “Consideration should be given to the decanting of all bottles into polycarbonates.”

It states: “To negate licence holders from applying for a variation to its premises licence, this memorandum of understanding will be retained by the Constabulary showing the premises [sic] commitment to use polycarbonate vessels.” This has been questioned as a licence variation is not needed to start using polycarbonates.

One Blackpool host said: “The police said if you have a glassing incident they are going to take you to review — then the council could make you go fully polycarbonate.”

He said the insinuation was they can protect themselves by signing the form.

MA legal editor Peter Coulson said the police’s approach “doesn’t form part of the licensing laws and is not a legal agreement”. “Therefore it’s an attempt by police to impose a licence condition by the back door.”

**One point I fail to grasp in this onward rush to polycard, is aside from the utter shit quality of polycarb glasses and it being nanny state policing at its worst(Glassing incidents are few and far between and this is completely over the top.); is that the same bars are allowed in many cases to sell bottles?! Go figure.

What you need to grasp is the spin on figures, if say there are three incidents in a town in a year then this suddenly becomes a "crime wave", never mind that millions of law abiding citizens go out for a drink every day and do not end up in trouble in any way.

We had a similar thing happen here in Newport with the plod trying that shit, so this policy of members of the police getting above their defined job role is creeping across the land. If this keeps up they will be demanding to see papers on say domestic flights, oh bugger.

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