The National Debt Clock.

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3 fat ignoble pigs.

The three pictured are from the left Lord Falconer, Lord Foulkes and the newest addition former lardy Speaker and now Lord Martin. 

4 people have spoken:

screamingmad said...

Thanks for the chortles, you brighten my day.
Congrats on the new layout.

banned said...

Like you suggest, should be renamed House Of Lards, motto " We Rob U More ".

Fidothedog said...

Cheers screaming an I like that one Banned. Those three could be rended down for biofuel and power a city for a month.

Shades Of Ansel said...

Lol@fido.Pigs in the trough springs to mind.This is such a sad indictment of the ruling classes.Those that have,get whatever the fuck they want,no matter WHAT they've done.Those that have not,put up or shut the fuck up.